Fast Charger FAQs

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I’m afraid the matrix of port power ratings that are supported by the internal silicon chips gets a little complex when multiple ports are used and power is distributed.
I haven’t included all the combinations but the keys ones are:

  1. if only 1 port used, power is as per the max rating on the unit (100W on USB-C, 30W on USB-A)
  2. If 2 ports used, if 1 is USB-C, that will be 65W and the second port will be 30W (USB-C or USB-A). If both are USB-C, port 1 will take priority and be at 65W.
  3. If 3 ports are used and one is USB-C and the other two are USB-A, the USB-C will be at 65W and the USB-A ports will be 7.5W each.
  4. if 3 ports are used and 2 are USB-C, USB-C port 1 will be 45W, USB-C port 2 will be 30W and the USB-A will be 18W.
  5. If all ports used, the distribution is 45W, 30W, 7.5W, 7.5W.

Apologies that this is a little complex.

It appears from a quick web search that this device has a USB-C input that supports QC 2.0 protocols. The A-100 supports this standard so in theory it should work as long as they have implemented the protocol correctly on their product. It isn’t a device that we have specifically tested. You would however need either a USB-A to USB-C or a USB-C to USB-C cable that you would need to purchase separately if you don’t already own one. I have also asked our engineer to check if there is any additional information that I have overlooked.


A100 supports: PD 3.0(PPS)/2.0, QC 3.0/2.0, AFC, SCP, FCP, Samsung 5V, Apple 2.4A, BC1.2 It doesn't officially support QC4+/4.0 but as it supports PD3.0/2.0 protocols, it will support some of the features included in this standard


Hi, the A65 Fast Charger conforms to the following approvals: CE, ROHS, EN62368-1, ETL, IEC 62368-1, FCC. In addition, all qBLOC products have been thoroughly tested by our experience UK based engineers. If you require any further information or more details for any of these approvals, please don't hesitate to contact us.