Power Bank FAQs

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Yes. The iPhone 6 uses a Apple Lightning connector. To charge the iPhone 6, you will need either the standard USB-A to Lightning connector cable (as supplied with the phone) or the newer type USB-C to Lightning connector cable, both of which can be connected to the qBLOC P10 power bank. The qBLOC P10 doesn't not include either of these cables.

The Samsung S22 Ultra requires a minimum 45W charger so the qBLOC A65 or A100 will be suitable and they support the required protocols on that phone. You will need a cable with USB-C at one end for the phone and either a USB-C or USB-A for the charger but a cable with USB-C at both end would be optimal (note, no cables supplied with our chargers). There are different power distribution modes when more than one USB port on the charger is used so we would recommend using just one USB-C port if you want the fastest charge time without checking with the user guide each time. Hope this helps, qBLOC support.

Hi, the qBLOC P10 will connect to any USB product. I had a quick search on Amazon and if you are referring to the Excelvan 9000 PA, this appears to have a barrel type connector. In this case, the qBLOC P10 wouldn’t be able to be connected directly to that model.